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What Is This All About?

For years I have been working with businesses, corporates and more importantly with entrepreneur Mums and Dads like you (and like me) to build an income. From start-up, part time and replacement incomes for retirees all the way through to sophisticated eCommerce retailers wanting the commercial edge…

So What is The Savvy Shopaholic?
It is NOT about knowing everything about selling on eBay - but once you go through the book you will be equipped to blitz being profitable online.

It is NOT about getting rich quick - but what you learn inside here will put you in charge of what sort of income you want to make – a couple of hundred dollars a week or tens of thousands per month…. Whether you are just getting started, you are already on online or even a traditional retailer wanting to go to the next level. 

Jo's Best Selling Book sells every day in book shops for $29.95 and online for $29.95 plus shipping.  However, this special offer for the best-selling, fun and entertaining book is FREE.   

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 Here's What Other People Are Saying:
"Jo is commercial and her advice makes you money - thanks to Jo it’s no longer a question of Can but When."
Regina P 
Owner, Miss Scarlett Did It 
"The book title states it all “The Savvy Shopaholic”.  It is about  living a life of your dreams by  learning the tools to create an online business that is automated, giving an income that leaves you wondering why you worked all those years in your tiresome 9am - 5pm job." 
Johanna A 
Retail Business Expert
"After reading The Savvy Shopaholic it showed how platforms like eBay can be used to create business advantage.  Using modern technologies can help a small business punch well above their weight" 
Mike I 
Corporate Executive & Business Owner
"To say that this program has changed my life and enhanced my financial future would be an understatement! To say that the sky is the limit is, for the first time in my life, actually a realistic thing to say!"
Helen B 
Office Manager 
"There is something new out there... I recommend getting your Wife a copy of The Savvy Shopaholic because she is going to be able to turn her passion into some very good revenue" 
Glen & Shaye 
Successful Business Owners
"I've just finished this terrific and deliciously easy to read book by wonder-entrepreneur Jo Munro- a terrific guide for selling online. In a world where retail is so technology influenced now- this is a MUST guide." 
Geelong Social Media 
Geelong Victoria 
"Get the inside secrets on what the next trending product is, how to source product in sales, sell for profit & how to go from zero to six figures from your lounge room."
What People Are Saying About "The Savvy Shopaholic"
"I read the first chapter and loved it. I couldn’t put the book down. The shopping training really helped me understand what to sell. Since starting online I have hit my goal and made over $300 a week consistently. The kids love to help out too. 
Thank you Jo!"
Mum, Shopaholic & 
Online Entrepreneur 
"I have dabbled in the online world before - some selling and buying but never with much overall satisfaction. However, with Jo’s very practical, easy to read book, brimming with loads of tips, plus more learning via webinar’s – I could not fail. I found the book very easy to follow, pick up and put down without losing context and of great value."
Louise F 
Corporate Executive 
"Jo Munro is one of the most generous, experienced eBay teachers I’ve met. I have attended various courses on eBay but her program delivers all the information you need to move from “so so” to “hey this thing is making money! She knows how to get great results. Thank you Jo !." 
Online Business Owner 
"Jo Munro’s training turns the minefield of eBay & internet shopping into a structured, profitable & most importantly, enjoyable business. Her passion, unique style, exceptional communication & extensive knowledge has resulted in her shining as a true expert in the field."
Carrot Wheeler 
Business Owner 
Here's What You'll Learn From This Amazing Book:
  • Learn The Savvy Shopaholic Formula That guarantee's you'll out sell & outsmart your competition virtually every time
  • Master Savvy Sourcing Fast, fun & easy ways to source products locally & internationally 
  • Exploit the Full Power of the best Online Marketplaces Leverage the power of Australia's Customer Traffic Magnet even utilising Google for no extra cost
  • Master the Dating Strategy to test & measure your products. Learn how to minimise your Financial Risk whilst maximising Profitable Products (Never end up with a garage full of unsellable products)
  • The Genius of the Shopaholic Hone your inbuilt Savvy Assets to design, develop and profit from your own unique Online Business
  • The Art & Science of Trend-Tracking Master how to research emerging products and identify product in demand
  • Insider Secrets on the Shopaholic's Tools of the Trade Utilise the simplest Best Practice Tools to ensure Your Business is Professional & Profitable
  • Self Fund your Business as you step through the formula making profit as you graduate through your apprenticeship all the way through to your goal income.
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